Peer Liaisons

Peer Liaisons

Peer Liaisons (PLs) are upperlevel students who help connect First Year students to the wealth of support and programming initiatives based in the Office of LGBTQ Resources, the University Chaplain’s Office, the Office of International Students and Scholars, the Afro-American Cultural Center, the Asian American Cultural Center, the La Casa: Latino Cultural Center, and the Native American Cultural Center. Peer Liaisons serve as a resource for first year students and guide them to the beneficial services.

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Afro-American Cultural Center Peer Liaisons 2017-2018

Alero Egbe (Head Peer Liaison)
Welcome to the House! I’m Alero Egbe, a senior in Berkeley College from Pinehurst, NC. I’m an American Studies major planning to attend medical school. This past summer, I was a Liman Fellow who worked with the D.C. branch of the Legal Action Center, a nonprofit advocacy-based organization focused on the intersection between criminal justice, mental health, and substance abuse. During my time at Yale, I’ve volunteered with a few different organizations, most recently Planned Parenthood. I’m also a campus tour guide! I’ve been involved in the House since my sophomore year by serving on the board of YBWC (Yale Black Women’s Coalition), BCAY (Black Church at Yale), and MAPS (Minority Association of Pre-medical Students). Outside the classroom and meeting room, I’m learning how to cook (thank you, off-campus living) and always, always taking book recommendations. I love the House because it’s the first place on campus I called home. When I want to take a nap, do my homework, catch up with friends, debrief campus events, strengthen my organizations, or just take some time for myself, I go straight to the House. I hope you all feel the same!

Airenakhue Omoragbon
Hello everyone! My name is Airenakhue Omoragbon and I am a sophomore in Silliman College, majoring in Political Science.  I personally identify as a Black first-generation woman with parents hailing from Trinidad and Nigeria, respectively, with a love for Soca, Reggae, and Afro-beats that knows no bounds. One fun fact about me is that I have a love for instruments, particularly those found in the rhythm section of a Jazz Band. I play for a Steel- Pan Orchestra in Brooklyn known as : St.Augustine’s Pan-a-Praise, where we play gospel, Latin, Reggae, Soca, Calypso, and Pop selections. My favorite thing about the Afro-American Cultural Center is that so many different extra-curricular groups hold meetings in it, allowing me to meet a variety of people of color with different cultural backgrounds at any given time. The House truly served as a home base for me during my freshman year and I definitely see it playing a similar role in my life throughout my time here at Yale.

Araba Koomson
Hi! My name is Araba Koomson and I am a senior in Saybrook College who hails from Washington D.C. On campus, I am a Global Affairs major, a member of Senior Class Council, a writer for a late night comedy talk show and a host for a radio show called Diva Radio. My special talents include loving food  and watching every episode of Law and Order: SVU. 

My favorite thing about the House (besides the food) is how calm I feel working in one of the rooms. Whenever I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed,  the House is the perfect to decompress around friends or work quietly in a cozy spot.

Chandler Gregoire
I’m Chandler Gregoire, a senior in Pierson College, originally from Queens, New York. Being multiracial in a very racially segregated county, I never found my group because I feared that I wouldn’t be accepted because I wasn’t “enough” of one race. Once I arrived on campus, I immediately became involved in increasing inclusivity at Yale. With three other Pierson 2017 students, I started a club called the Racial and Ethnic Openness Club (REO) as a first year. I’m a psychology major who competes with the varsity sailing team and enjoys performing in plays on campus. I’m so grateful to be a part of the House, where the community and support is unparalleled anywhere else on campus. I can’t wait to work with my fellow Peer Liaisons, the House, and, of course, the freshmen!!

Dante De Blasio
I’m a rising sophomore in Calhoun College (CC ‘19). I was born and raised in New York City. I’m Biracial. I’m a Global Affairs major, but I try my hardest to vary my studies between philosophy, literature, and political science. Outside the classroom, I am heavily involved with the Black Student Alliance. I am also part of Party of the Left (part of Yale’s Political Union), the Yale Black Men’s Union, and I work at the Yale Center for British Art. It should also be said that I love music more than most things (my favorite genres are hip-hop and punk rock). FUN FACT: I’VE BEEN A VEGETARIAN FOR 10 YEARS! Exciting!  I love the House because it’s a great place to spend time with friends and meet upperclassmen! 

Erika Hairston
I’m Erika Hairston, a rising junior in Timothy Dwight College (TD) from Summit, New Jersey. At Yale, I’m a Computer Science major and African-American Studies double major. This summer I interned at Facebook in Menlo Park, CA. I love coding, but am also passionate about social justice and women’s empowerment. I’m President of the Black Student Alliance at Yale (BSAY) and an Amy Rossborough Fellow, where I teach Computer Science to girls in New Haven. I also worked in the Yale School of Management in Alumni Relations and am a TD College Aide. I LOVE the AfAm House because I have created my best memories of Yale in that space. From getting low on the dance floor, to late night meetings with the BSAY board, the Af-Am house is a space on Yale’s campus where I always feel welcome and safe.

Ivetty Estepan
Hello everyone! My name is Ivetty Estepan and I am a junior Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and African-American Studies double-major at Yale, residing in Pierson College but originating from Hackensack, New Jersey. Currently, apart from being a Peer Liaison, I am also a Student Coordinator at La Casa Cultural de Julia Burgos, the Latino Cultural Center on campus. I am also a part of the Yale Black Woman’s Coalition, MEChA, the Black Student Alliance at Yale, and the Dominican Student Association. My main interests focus on the intersection of Blackness and Latinidad and I concentrate my academic work and research on race relations among the peoples of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic and how they influence or inform other race relations among transnational migrants.  More often that not, you will catch me usually preoccupied brainstorming ways in which I can use my position in society to connect cultures and promote the importance of intercultural bonds on campus. Most of my free time is usually spent socializing or locked in my room with my nose in some book. 

Logan Lewis
I’m Logan, a sophomore in Trumbull College, and I am honored to be serving as a Peer Liaison at The House. I hail from our Nation’s Capital, but when I want to get back to my family roots I can be found at my dad’s childhood home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee or at my mom’s childhood beaches in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition to being a PL, you might run into me at The House serving as the Solidarity Chair of the Black Men’s Union, where I plan the weekly meetings and regular solidarity events that keep the men of the Union close in the constant bustle that is Yale. Outside of The House, I am a proud member of the Baker’s Dozen, one of Yale’s finest (and humblest) all-male acapella groups, a nascent francophile and a has-been hispanohablante, and an avid IM player. So whether you catch me on the IM fields, at the “BD Haus”, or in The House that you will hopefully come to know and love as your home, I am excited to get to know the class of 2020! 

Naiya Speight-Leggett
My name is Naiya Speight-Leggett, and I am a sophomore from Washington, DC in the college FormerlyKnownAs. I am working towards a double major in Political Science and African American Studies or Ethnicity, Race, & Migration. I love serving as the Outreach Coordinator for Yale Black Women’s Coalition and Black Solidarity Conference because I want these communities to be deeply connected, within the organizations and with the New Haven community. Dance is my passion and on campus I am a member of Yaledancers and Rhythmic Blue. I am so excited to be a Peer Liaison this year because my PL offered a crucial avenue to The House and Yale in my first-year. I always say that The House really is a home, and I hope to help foster that strength of community for the first-year fam too.

Patrick Peoples
My name is Patrick Peoples and I am a Junior in Pierson College from Wilmington, NC by way of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This summer, I was in Washington D.C  interning for Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal. On campus, I enjoy tutoring Spanish, working with Yale Model United Nations as co-chair of the Arab league and binge watching anything by Shonda Rhimes.