Social Justice Programming

Social Justice Programming seeks to support students and community members in their exploration of critical social issues pertinent to and their empowerment of Black communities. Specifically, this area seeks to encourage ongoing discussion of the intersections of Blackness with other social identities, to provide avenues for advocacy around pertinent issues affecting Black communities, and to educate the campus and local communities on the richness of Black histories and cultures. This area also helps organize opportunities for students to learn with and serve local communities in ways that deepen their knowledge of and support Black cultures.

“Black and…” Series

This monthly discussion series provides a space in which students can intentionally consider the intersections of their racial identities with other social/cultural identities. Attendees are able to explore the diverse expressions of Blackness and their connection to other ways of being in our world.

“Black Lives Matter” Series

This series was created for students to explore or present on critical social justice issues affecting people of the African Diaspora and consider ways in which to advocate for community organizing and policies affecting Black people.

MLK Commemoration

A committee formed by Yale’s Afro-American Cultural Center staff and campus/community partners create a strong, centralized calendar of events to honor the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In planning for this annual commemoration, the committee coordinates opportunities for service, learning and coalition building on campus and across New Haven.

Black History Month

The House coordinates the center’s Black History Month events that focus on the history and global contributions of people of the African Diaspora. The schedule of events is created by the Black History Month Planning Committee, which consists of faculty, staff, student organizations and community partners.