Student Leadership & Organizational Development

Student Leadership & Organizational Development offers opportunities and funding that promote effective individual and organizational leadership. This area also coordinates events to support various affinity groups in building community. 

Student Leadership

Through programs such as retreats and workshops, First Year and sophomore students will learn about interpersonal and communication skills that will help strengthen their leadership in their classrooms, organizations, communities and careers.

Organizational Development

Through organizational advising, council meetings and our annual retreat, House Resident Groups are provided with opportunities for organizational and coalition building.

Registered House Resident Groups are able to:

  • check out House equipment and apply for funding for their organizational events that uphold the House’s values. 
  • have access to the House outside of general office hours through the House Access Request Form
  • participate in the bimonthly Nia Council Meetings and Annual Retreats that strengthen our community’s purpose and work.

Affinity Programming

Monthly events are coordinated to support identity development and community building among center’s constituent groups (e.g., events focusing on self-identified Black women, men, international students, graduate and professional students, nontraditional students, etc.).