House Mission & Vision


To foster a vibrant community of Black scholar-leaders and others who are committed to preserving and promoting the historical, cultural, intellectual and social movement traditions of the African Diaspora at Yale, in New Haven, and throughout the world.


 Established in 1969, the Afro-American Cultural Center (“the House”) has a rich history of serving as Yale’s home away from home for its Black student body and all campus and local community constituents who wish to learn about and celebrate the cultures and traditions of the African Diaspora. 

The House facilitates its community members’ success in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and advocacy through advising, cultural enrichment, educational programming, and career preparation.


(Informed by the original goals of the House’s Founders and by the Final Report Consultation Committee on the Cultural Centers (PDF), Submitted 1 December 2014)

  • To provide an affirming space for students of the African Diaspora to develop solidarity, to find support and to build and express pride in their social identities
  • To support our students’ personal, academic and professional development as well as their sense of belonging at Yale through impactful advising, career preparation, and counseling
  • To offer opportunities through which anyone can learn about the robust legacy of Black accomplishments and societal contributions in addition to the rich diverse cultures that comprise the Diaspora
  • To engage the larger campus and local communities in pertinent Black historical and contemporary social issues and offer a platform to advocate around those issues
  • To foster a more accessible and culturally affirming campus environment through community building, intercultural exchange and social justice education;
  • To empower Black youth through effective programming and mentorship within the Greater New Haven community and beyond
  • To create meaningful connections amongst current Yale students, the Yale alumni community, and the Greater New Haven area through tailored programming and engagement