Goals of The House


(Informed by the original goals of the House’s Founders and by the Final Report Consultation Committee on the Cultural Centers (PDF), Submitted 1 December 2014)

  • To provide an affirming space for students of the African Diaspora to develop solidarity, to find support and to build and express pride in their social identities
  • To support our students’ personal, academic and professional development as well as their sense of belonging at Yale through impactful advising, career preparation, and counseling
  • To offer opportunities through which anyone can learn about the robust legacy of Black accomplishments and societal contributions in addition to the rich diverse cultures that comprise the Diaspora
  • To engage the larger campus and local communities in pertinent Black historical and contemporary social issues and offer a platform to advocate around those issues
  • To foster a more accessible and culturally affirming campus environment through community building, intercultural exchange and social justice education;
  • To empower Black youth through effective programming and mentorship within the Greater New Haven community and beyond
  • To create meaningful connections amongst current Yale students, the Yale alumni community, and the Greater New Haven area through tailored programming and engagement