Advising & Mentoring


Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are welcome to attend office hours with the House’s Dean and Assistant Director, who can offer advice and refer them to academic assistance and professional development resources on campus; connect with faculty, alumni, and graduate/professional student mentors; connect them to university and national academic/professional organizations; and find research, internship, fellowship, and funding opportunities. Contact to request a meeting time.

Additionally, first-year undergraduates are also encouraged to participate in our Peer Liaison Program as mentees to learn from the experience of upper-level students who can help show them the ropes at Yale and guide them to personal, academic, and professional success!

Student organizations

Through organizational advising and council meetings, House resident groups are provided with opportunities for organizational and coalition building that strengthen our community’s work and operations. House-affiliated student organizations (or those considering affiliation) should check out our Student Leadership Development page, and contact for more info.

Additionally, we advise our student organizations that are working with or reaching out to the community so that their communications and collaborations are as impactful as possible, and we ensure that our resident groups that work with minors are connected with Yale’s Office of New Haven to ensure that they are meeting all University and legal expectations and policies of working with minors.

Local youth

Some of the House’s student organizations (Urban Improvement Corps, the Black Men’s Union, J.M. Bolin Program) offer mentoring to local students (K-12). Check out our Civic Engagement Initiatives page and contact for more info.

If you have any questions about our resources or services, please contact