Peer Liaisons

Peer Liaisons

Peer Liaisons (PLs) are upperlevel students who help connect first year students to the wealth of support and programming initiatives based in the Office of LGBTQ Resources, the University Chaplain’s Office, the Office of International Students and Scholars, the Afro-American Cultural Center, the Asian American Cultural Center, the La Casa: Latino Cultural Center, and the Native American Cultural Center. Peer Liaisons serve as a invaluable resource for first year students, as their principle responsibility is to facilitate new students’ successful transition into college academically, personally, and socially. 

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Afro-American Cultural Center Peer Liaisons 2022-23

CJ Akhigbe - HEAD PL

Place(s) You Call Home: Memphis

CJ is a senior in Berkeley studying Political Science. Fun fact: CJ was a state finalist in high school in the triple jump!

What CJ loves about The House: “I love that the House gives African-Americans a uniquely black space on campus where we can express ourselves and our culture authentically.”


Chidima Anekwe

Place(s) You Call Home: Stratford, CT

Chidima is a junior in MY studying English. Fun fact: Chidima is a huge music fan and designs/sells merch for her favorite bands online!

What Chidima loves about The House: “The House truly recognizes that Blackness is not monolithic and makes sure to cater to a diverse range of needs/interests from across the diaspora.”


Christian Bailey

Place(s) You Call Home: Alabama

Christian is a junior in JE studying Sociology. Fun fact: Christian has a twin brother.

What Christian loves about The House: “The feel-good vibes and community.”


Zada Brown - HEAD PL

Place(s) You Call Home: Mount Vernon, New York

Zada is a senior in Trumbull studying History, with an Education Studies Certificate. Fun fact: Zada loves listening to new music & getting music recommendations! Some of her top artists of the moment are Tems, Snoh Aalegra, and Jazmine Sullivan!

What Zada loves about The House: “The people who work so hard to make it home for Black Yalies - PLs, SAs, GAs, and of course our lovely administrators!!”


Dani Doss

Place(s) You Call Home: Chesapeake, VA

Dani is a senior in BK studying History of Science, History of Medicine focused on Gender Reproduction and the Body. Fun fact: Dani learned how to turn wood this summer.

What Dani loves about The House: “I love the community at The House, every time I go I get a smile from the staff and I love the events there are.”


Momona Hadish

Place(s) You Call Home: the one and only (soon to be state) DC

Momona is a junior in Ezra Stiles studying Political Science and African Studies. Fun fact: Momona loves learning languages – She speaks both Chinese and Amharic, can listen to Tigrinya, and is starting Swahili this year!

What Momona loves about The House: “Especially since I’ve never experienced attending a PWI before, The House started off as a means of survival for me – a safe space to discuss navigating Yale. Today, The House means much more to me – it’s a place of community where I’ve met so many friends, mentors, and have been able to extend the same support that was readily available for me.”


Charnice Hoegnifioh

Place(s) You Call Home: Illinois & Virginia

Charnice is a junior in Benjamin Franklin double majoring in Classical Civilization and Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, and is pre-med. Fun fact: Charnice is a foodie! She doesn’t only love cooking and baking, but also trying out restaurants and food trucks around New Haven. If you want any recommendations, please feel free to hit her up anytime!

What Charnice loves about The House: “One thing I love about the House is how its space is truly a second home for the Black community on campus. I have so many fond memories of performing, hanging out with friends, enjoying a meal, being in the kitchen, and even studying all around the building. I’ve made so many friends and deepened so many relationships within the House’s walls, and I’m excited to spend even more time there this year!”


Jaida Morgan

Place(s) You Call Home: Irvine, CA

Jaida is a senior in ES studying Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. Fun fact: Jaida has a Black belt in Tae Kwon Do!

What Jaida loves about The House: “I love that The House provides a safe space for our community to come together, even if it’s something as simple as just talking and sharing laughs with one another.”


Lauren Okine

Place(s) You Call Home: Dakota Dunes, South Dakota

Lauren is a junior studying Psychology and African American Studies. Fun fact: Lauren did pole vault in high school!

What Lauren loves about The House: “I love how welcoming it is at The House. It truly is a home away from home!”


Toni Oluwatade

Place(s) You Call Home: Ridgeland, MS

Toni is a junior in Pauli Murray studying Cognitive Science and pre-med. Fun fact: Toni’s full name is Oluwamitoni, which means “my God is enough to have” in Yoruba.

What Toni loves about The House: “I love the diversity of the African diaspora that the House showcases and empowers.”


Jamarc Simon

Place(s) You Call Home: New Jersey

Jamarc is a senior in Morse studying History of Science, History of Medicine and pre-med. Fun fact: Jamarc loves green mint chocolate chip ice cream.

What Jamarc loves about The House: “My favorite thing about The House is its welcoming energy and being surrounded by individuals like myself, all passionate and curious about different ideas.”


Tobenna Ubachukwu

Place(s) You Call Home: Los Angeles, CA

Toby is a junior+ in Saybrook studying Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. Fun fact: Toby is the youngest of 3!

What Toby loves about The House: “I love the community the House fosters!”