Student Assistants

Jemimah Orevaoghene

Economics and Global Affairs Double Major, 2019

Lagos, Nigeria

Jemimah Orevaoghene is a Junior in Timothy Dwight College. She was born in Nigeria, grew up in Ghana and currently lives in South Africa. At Yale, she is the campus Ambassador to the United Nations Youth Assembly, the Vice President of the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development, and a dancer with Yale’s Afro-groove dance club Dzana. She also serves on the Serve the Nations Team of the Black Church At Yale.

What Jemimah loves about the House: “The House is a place I call Home and I am excited to see others become a part of this community and form authentic bonds and relationships.”


Selah Bell

Environmental Studies/Energy studies, 2020


Selah is planning on working in the field of either Natural Resource Management or Environmental Consulting. He hopes to do that overseas, preferably in Japan. On campus Selah is involved with the Yale Student Environmental Coalition as the organizational outreach chair, Club Basketball, and the Black Men’s Union. Selah was born in the U.S. but grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What Selah loves about the House: “I love the House because of its staff’s commitment to maintaining it as a center of love and support for everyone while also hosting and empowering numerous student groups and events every week. The House is never empty and rarely silent; a testament to how ingrained it has become into student and faculty life.”


Alexis Williams

African American Studies, Human Rights Scholar, 2018

Cary, NC

Alexis is a senior in Yale College majoring in African American Studies. She is also part of the Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights, with a focus on the intersection of race and gender. Alexis is a Communication and Consent Educator and a former Vice President of the Yale Black Women’s Coalition.

What Alexis loves about the House: “I love the House because it is more than a safe space – it’s a home. It’s a place where we have the opportunity to learn, grow, and celebrate our community!”


Alyssa Ince

Political Science, 2020

Reisterstown, MD

Alyssa’s academic interests include human rights, and social policy (specifically education & immigration) and its impact on marginalized communities. Alyssa is involved in several organizations including the Black Student Alliance at Yale, PALS Mentoring and Tutoring, National Council of Negro Women, and The Steve Fund. She is second generation Panamanian American and African American.

What Alyssa loves about the House: “I love the House because it is truly my home away from home. Whenever I’m feeling lost, I go straight to the House to decompress around friends and other supportive members of the black community. As an Event Coordinator, I hope I can plan functions that further solidarity among members of our House family.”


Seyram Dodor

History of Science, History of Medicine; Public Health, Global Health Scholar, 2019 Greenville, NC

Seyram Dodor is a first-generation Ghanaian immigrant from Greenville, NC. She is a junior in Saybrook College, majoring in History of Science, History of Medicine, and Public Health. At Yale, she serves as a staff assistant at the House and Speakers Committee Chair for the Black Solidarity Conference. She is committed to giving back to her community and volunteers as a mentor for New Haven REACH and through her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

What Seyram loves about the House: “I love the House because it has served as a home and a community for me at Yale. I know I can come to the House whenever I need a laugh, a hug, and support.”


Eli Rami

History, 2019

Brooklyn, NY

Eli is a junior majoring in history with an interest in finance and technology. On campus, he is on the board of the Black Solidarity Conference, a member of the TAMID Group, a student-run consulting and investing group that works with tech startups in Israel, and a volunteer English-language tutor with Students of Salaam. In addition, Eli is an alumnus of Prep for Prep and a current member of Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT). His parents hail from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

What Eli loves about the House: “I love the fact that no matter what, the staff and students of the House welcome people with open arms. There’s a whole bunch of love and community in this institution, and this is what inspired me to apply for a staff position for the 2017-18 school year. I hope to be able to make the House a warm, fun, and welcoming space for all who come!”


Liana Ambrose-Murray

African-American Studies and Art, 2018

Asheville, NC

Liana is a multidisciplinary artist from North Carolina. She/They/He* believe in using our embodied and creative knowledge (art) as a tool for social transformation. They are a member of the Southern-based organization Alternate ROOTS, involved in a newly created New Haven arts collective, and also works at Artspace on Orange St. She’s interested in collaborating with people (most often youth) to develop community-based arts projects. Liana has no preference between She/They/He gender pronouns.

What Liana loves about the House: “I love the House because it can be a haven from the everyday battle that is being a student of color at Yale. The House represents all of the love and hard work generations of Yale’s Black community have poured into it/us.”


Celeste Dushime

Women Gender and Sexuality Studies, 2018

Kigali, Rwanda

Celeste Dushime was born and raised in Rwanda and she majors in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. At the AFAM house, Celeste is on the events team and enjoys planning events for the community. On campus, Celeste is a Consent and Communication Educator,  and has been on the boards of the Yale African Student Association, Unite Against Sexual Assault at Yale and the Title IX Steering committee and of course. In her free time, Celeste enjoys reading black feminist theory and is interested in working for women’s right.

What Celeste loves about the House: “I love the House because it allows me to explore my blackness while meeting amazing people who keep encouraging me and challenging me.”


Elizabeth Anne Spenst

African American Studies, Morse College, 2018

Fort Lee,NJ

Elizabeth is a Trinidadian and Canadian senior studying black art and museums. Her research is funded through the Mellon Mays research fellowship. She is also an Academic Strategies mentor on campus with the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning. Elizabeth is the founding Editor-in-Chief of DOWN magazine, and she also runs a blog that curates black art and poetry.

What Elizabeth loves about the House: I love the House’s connection to its history through the art and archival materials on the walls.