Yale Black Women’s Coalition

Yale Black Women’s Coalition was founded in 2006 to anchor black women on campus.  Black women have a unique experience at Yale, and YBWC is a space where members can share and celebrate that understanding.  We have amazing weekly discussions on topics that concern our lives and how our gender and race affect the situations that we find ourselves in.  Some of our signature events include Black Women’s Weekend, Life After Yale: A Graduate Panel, and Gentleman’s Award Dinner.

This year, Yale Black Women’s Coalition has aimed to increase our presence not only on Yale’s campus, but also in the greater New Haven area.  We have started a mentoring group with Barnard Magnet School that meets every other week with fifth and sixth grade girls.  We hope our mentorship will give the girls the tools to dream bigger and achieve their goals.

Meet the 2013-2014 Board Members of YBWC:

Chelsea Handfield – President; Chelsea is a junior in Ezra Stiles College from Miami, Florida.  She is majoring in the neuroscience track of psychology and plans to pursue a career in medicine.  Besides YBWC, Chelsea is also on the Speakers Committee of the Black Solidarity Conference at Yale.

Taylor Valentine – Vice President; Taylor is a junior in Trumbull College.

Mercy Ude – Treasure; Mercy is a junior in Ezra Stiles College.

Nya Holder – Events and Outreach Coordinator; Nya is a sophomore from the Bronx, New York.  She is majoring in the neuroscience track of psychology and plans to pursue a career in health management as it relates to global health.  Besides YBWC, Nya is also the Admissions Office Recruitment Coordinator, the Student Deacon of the University Church at Yale, and a member of Heritage Theatre Ensemble.

Alexis Halyard – Publicist; Alexis is a sophomore in Davenport College.

Rachel Wilkinson – Secretary; Rachel is a sophomore in Silliman College from Milwakee, Wisconsin.  She is majoring in political science with a focus on health policy.  She plans on pursuing a career in medicine and public health.  Besides YBWC, Rachel volunteers as an interpreter at HAVEN Free Clinic and works with Student Partnerships for Global Health.

Imani Doyle – Freshman Liaison; Imani is a freshman from Brooklyn, New York.  She has not chosen a major but plans on pursuing a career in medicine.  Besides YBWC, Imani is a member of Steppin’ Out, Yale Belly Dance Society, and BSAY.