Head Student Assistants & Student Assistants


Alanah Armstead (she/her)

Grace Hopper ‘24

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Alanah is a History of Science and Medicine major. She serves on The House’s Reservations and Merchandise Teams. Fun fact: Her best NYT mini crossword time is 22 seconds, which happens to be her favorite number!

Audrey Leak (she/her)

Silliman ‘24

Hometown: Saddle River, NJ

Audrey is a Neuroscience major on the pre-med track. She serves on The House’s Communications Team. Fun fact: she skipped Kindergarten!

Stephanie Owuzu (she/her)

Brandford ‘24

Hometown: Hamilton, NJ

Stephanie is a Psychology major on the Neuroscience Track. She serves on The House’s Student Leadership and Development Team. Fun fact: she loves baking and cooking!


Gabi Picott (she/her)

Davenport ‘25

Hometown: Rockland County, NY

Gabi is an Applied Mathematics major. She serves on The House’s Student Success Programming Team. Fun fact: her favorite movie and tv show genre is horror!

Kali Jupiter (she/her)

Berkeley ‘24

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Kali is a Computer Science major. She serves on The House’s Generalist Team. Fun fact: she likes to crochet!

Kennedy Odiboh (he/him)

Grace Hopper ‘25

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Kennedy is a Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology & African Studies double major. He serves on The House’s Generalist Team. Fun fact: as a child, he made models of World War II planes out of popsicle sticks by looking at nothing but pics on google. 

Leleda Beraki (she/her)

Branford ‘24

Hometown: Virginia by way of Eritrea

Leleda is a Biomedical Engineering major. She was the first Black woman to be elected President of the Yale College Council, and served for two years on The House’s New Student Outreach and Programming Team. Fun fact: she loves painting and making jewelry in her free time!

Peyton Sias (she/her)

Pauli Murray ‘24

Hometown: Lafayette, LA

Peyton is African-American Studies and Anthropology double major. She serves on The House’s Podcast Team. Fun fact: she really likes puzzles and sweet tea!